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Paul Sorey, Roadworks.
                  AOM subscriber
Paul Sorey

Ellen Rosenthal,
                Flecha. AOM Subscriber
Ellen Rosenthal
I like AOM because the opportunities are endless .. .

Stephen Fairfield

Stephen Fairfield
Dana Davis
Dana Davis

Kore Variations #17

Showing and selling art is like fishing; you really can't sit around mourning . . .

Art Ferrier, Art                    Opportunities Monthly subscriber
Art Ferrier
Quebec Red Roof

 I am glad to be a new subscriber. I stumbled upon your site and . . .

Marianne Thomas Marianne Thomas

Thanks very much for the service you provide. It is greatly appreciated.

Cara Lee Wade, AOM subscriber
Cara Lee Wade
Twisted Illusions

AOM is the best comprehensive source for exhibition  and . . .

                    Carts (3 AM series), by Art Opportunities Monthly
                    subscriber Christopher Schneider
Christopher Schneider
Shopping Carts

More than any other publication or website, AOM has alerted me to several

Unsolicited comments about Art Opportunities Monthly

Even though there are many places to find public art opportunities for free, I recommend AOM because they somehow manage to find obscure calls that I donít see on the dozen other lists I receive. They also have tons of calls-for-submission to galleries. They do a good job of screening out gallery scams.  --Lynn Basa, author of The Artistís Guide to Public Art: How to Find and Win Commissions (New York: Allworth Press, 2008)

I need to tell you that after five years  of  beating the bushes, applying wherever appropriate thanks to AOM leads, I'm now getting  some solo shows.  I send out my proposals for shows, and they are  starting to come back positive.  . . . I always read AOM, pick the few that are appropriate for me...and apply as I can.  Thanks for getting me going. --P. B., NV

Thank you for the wonderful resource you have provided artists. . . . I have been invited to
do a solo at the Women Made Gallery in Chicago as a result of following your leads.  I also appreciate your words of caution on the Florence Biennale which I decided to decline after reading your review and several others. . . . I really appreciate all the research that goes into your publication and credit it with pretty much all the group shows that I have been in.  --C. D. Chicago

 I've become so addicted to it that I start anticipating the beginning of every month! --S. F., AZ

I just renewed.  Love your publication. --K. S.

I wanted to share my good fortune with you. Upon receiving my first issue of AOM, I noticed that the deadline for the 32nd Annual Small Works Show at NYU, here in NYC, was fast approaching. I have been wanting to enter that show for years and always seemed to miss the deadline. This time I grabbed one framed piece and ran out the door. I got there with in an hour of the deadline. Not only did they accept my piece, but I just found out it sold!
     Couldn't have done it without you! --D. S. NYC

Thank you for your dedication in publishing this list and for your dedication to artists.  I just read your warning about bad deals and it is very true. I want to let you know that it was through AOM that my husband and sculptor John E. Stallings found, submitted and received the 2008 sole award from the George Sugarman Foundation in September. --C. S.

Wow, I am so impressed with Art Opportunities Monthly. I will definitely be adding you to my workshop presentation. Artists really need to know you are out there if they don't already. When I brought up your book (The Art Opportunities Book) and saw the cover image, I finally put 2+2 together. We have your book in our library. It is additionally an
excellent resource. --M. G.

I was really impressed with the free list and upgraded. --K. McD

Thank you for publishing a great newsletter. --G. L., MA

Art Opportunities
is a great, informative publication for anyone in the visual arts. --D. E.

Your list is awesome and I recommend it to my artist friends. --P. K. L., WY

Thank you for all the "heads up" AND all the great info. --E. L. C.

It's terrific, I'm so happy to be a subscriber!--K.M.

This is such a great resource, thank you for including a listing for my program. -- Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

As an artist myself, I appreciate your continued efforts to provide the best listings and quality information. --A. F.

The info you compile has helped tremendously --F. N.

I am grateful for your work for art.  --P. G.

Thanks for changing the format.  Makes it easy to find what you are looking for, in my case sculpture.  --C. W.

Benny, I really appreciate your commitment to quality improvement. You already produce an excellent product, and spending the time to consider changing it to meet one's customers' needs is a sign of a quality organization. --S. F., AZ

It's a wonderful resource, so it's missed when it doesn't arrive. Thank you for all your great work.  --S. C.
I have nothing but good things to say about the professional way you have dealt with
me. Thank you again --C. H., painter SF, CA

Best of luck to you.  It is an awesome service for artists!! --D. K-H

This is really a great service and well worth the $... I highly recommend
it! --A. T., Sacramento CA

Thanks again, Ben, I really enjoy what you're doing on behalf of artists. -- B. L.,  NY NY

I like the new format very much, how you've sorted by categories.  the touches of art images here and there are nice too. --E. D.

I appreciate AOM tremendously. --F. T.

The list is edited down to just the legit and best opportunities. When I first looked at it I had to rub my eyes from disbelief and from joy.  Plus there's an easy search system that allows me to find what I need in minutes as opposed to hours with the other lists. Needless to say I couldn't have higher praise.

I've had several successes thru AOM, including having 2 images accepted into American Photography annual, AP23. --Xavier Nuez,

We sure do appreciate your listing service. We will post a link to you on our link page. --Michael Crouse, Director, Yeiser Art Center

Thanks again for the great product! Here's a 2-year renewal. --T. W., Los Angeles, CA

I love what AOM does and the integrity with which Benny does it.  I always try to say thanks by posting a link to AOM on my website. --Eleanor Gilpatrick,, New York City

This is the best listing I have found with opportunities for exhibiting and showing visual arts.   I highly recommend it, because Benny checks out the listings before posting them. I have a subscription and encourage other artists in Monterey county to do the same! --K. C, Monterey County CA

Thanks for refunding my double payment for renewal of AOM. It's a great service that I want to keep coming!  --J. J. H

 I am very grateful for your publication, putting me in much-needed touch with the greater world outside.  Thank you for the good work. --M. C. T.

Awesome, thanks! --J. C., Davenport IA.

Exceptionally helpful. --C. G,. Tempe AZ

Great publication!!! --C. S., Seattle WA

You have published this information for us [ The Marie Walsh Sharpe Space Program] in the past and it has been really helpful for the program - this will be our 20th year for The
Space Program! --Kim Taylor, Program Officer, The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation.

I love the AOM! . . . Incredible opportunities!!! --J. P., Berkeley CA

I got a solo show as a result of one of your listings, at the First Street Gallery in Eureka (it's affiliated with Humboldt State University, and the show was this past October). So, thanks, and Happy Holidays! --M. W., Santa Cruz CA

Thank you for a very useful and well designed publication. --A. G., Berkeley CA

I like the AOM. It's informative and clearly presented.--J. O'C., Berkeley CA

 It is my inspiration to apply and reapply to shows and competitions. I actually got accepted into two shows from your publication!!! --L. K., Richmond, CA

Like many others, I deeply appreciate AOM's work. --C. B., Paris.

Nice going! It's always been great, but I love the enhancements.--B. H., Sebastapol CA

It's great! --V. S., New York City

Thanks for this great service.
--A Mc. Lacrosse, WI

Your AOM gives me a shortcut to opportunities. It becomes my homework day and night. I hope I can learn more from your diverse experience.  - -A. H., Los Angeles

Help, need AOM! --C. A., Redwood City CA

I got a $16,000 public art commission from your listings. --N. W., Marin County, CA

I have really liked AOM and definitely will renew. --C. K., San Francisco

You are sooooo wonderful!!! Not only do you filter [out] the commercial gallery come-ons, you've finally put these letters in a legible (and linkable !!!) format. --A. P., Austin TX

Thanks for the wonderful research you do! --M. and D. W., New York City

This is a very good publication. . . . Thanks for describing the scam involving the woman shopping for artwork for her Capetown apartment. . . . It reassured me to read your notes about how many other artists had also received the letters. I hope not too many people were duped. --R. H. P., Los Gatos CA

I'm taking a break from art for a while but want to say keep up the good work. An ex (albeit satisfied) customer. --S. M., Canada

Thanks again for notification and also for the great AOM service you provide. --N. P., Chishinau, Moldavi

I have benefitted quite a lot from your exhibit news. Last year I participated in a national juried show in Wisconsin and won a first prize of $1000, according to your information. --Y. W, Canada

That's a wonderful listing. --M. K., gallery director, ME

Thank you for doing such a good job of AOM! --D. V., Mars Hill NC

 I can tell you this list is much better than Art Calendar Magazine. It has more & better listings. --K. W., San Diego CA

Thank you very much for your great help. I will recommend your publication to my classes. --S. F., St. Louis MO

As always, it's a great newsletter!  Thank you so much for your hard work!!!   --A. D., Berkeley CA

Thanks for putting together such a great service. --L. D.,art professor, Bloomington IL

 I really think you do a great job. --C. L., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for the great AOM! --D. H.-J., art professor, Santa Cruz CA

Thanks, Benny, for all you do. I read AOM every time it comes . . . One of my paintings was selected to be part of an exhibit of 50 and there were 667 entries. Do I ever feel good. --P. B., Gardnerville NV

 I like Art Opportunities Monthly, and I am glad you offer the opportunity to link my website to yours. --R. O., Los Altos CA

Could you confirm that I'm renewed? I wouldn't want to miss one month of your excellent work! --E. N., West Orange NJ

Did I tell you how much I admire your efforts, expertise, and integrity? Kudos to you for all you do with Art Opportunities Monthly and for the art community in general. --D. M., Costa Mesa CA

Thanks so much!! you all are the best!! --W. J. H, Lincoln MA

I appreciated receiving your publication and I appreciated all of the work you did to publish it each month. I have even recommended it to any number of people who expressed interest. --D. M., Bloomington IN

I've already found ten things that I'm going to submit to. I'm originally from England, I've been in Chicago for 3 years, and yours is definitely the best newsletter of its kind that I've seen on both sides of the Atlantic. Keep up the good work. --P. H., Chicago, IL

Dear Benny, We are all dead in the water without you . . . Thanks so much for the great work. --C.A., Redwood City CA

Your business and customer service practices in this matter have proven to be extraordinary. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.--Erin, Executive Escalations, PayPal, an eBay Company

Thanks for the clarification and the great work! --C. E., Richmond CA

The amount of artist opportunities and information provided is astounding. And I am impressed with your obvious effort to make this a viable service for all artists. --D. M., Costa Mesa, CA

Thanks. I look forward to the issues of AOM. --Zel Brook, Corvallis OR

Thank you for catching that and issuing the refund. I didn't even notice it. Clearly you're the kind of person with whom I like to do business.--J. J., San Juan, Puerto Rico

Your monthly newsletter is the best. It has been very beneficial for me. --B. G., Portland OR

 Art Opportunities Monthly (AOM) is a huge, amazing database of opportunities for artists. All entries are hand selected and carefully checked and edited for visual artists working in all styles, media and geographic locations. Manhattan Arts International [] is a subscriber and we highly recommend it to all artists and those interested in learning about opportunities in the Arts. --New York City
br> You are doing such a fabulous job and providing such an amazing service. --M. W., art organization administrator and artist, NY

Thank you for such a great job putting together the Art Opportunities Monthly. --C. A. J.-B., Philadelphia

Thanks! Love what you do. --L. K., Emeryville CA

I love your service. Have tried many and usually don't renew the second year. Yours, I'm happy to! --J. M., Tampa FL

The diversity of opportunities is great. Many very exciting opportunities. --D. R., Ft. Collins CO


DAMMMNNNN, Benny, that is one impressive list! Thanks. --E. D., El Cerrito CA

The diversity of opportunities is great. Many very exciting opportunities. --D. R., Ft. Collins CO.


The Studio in the Woods residency is the first thing I applied for through AOM and I wanted to let you know about my success. I have recommended AOM to my friends. --P. W. , La Habra Heights CA

By the way, I thought you might be interested to know of how useful the Newsletter has been to me. In the last year, I have applied to various galleries and competitions using your listings, with the following successes: 1) Selected as one of the winners of the Paperworks show in Long Island, juried by Faye Hirsch, editor of Art in America; 2) Selected for a solo show at the Greenbelt Art Museum, in Greenbelt, Maryland; Selected for the Cambridge Art Association's National Prize Show, juried by Cheryl Brutvan from the Boston MFA. At any time I have about six applications of various kinds out in the world, all using information from the AOM listings. You're doing a great job--long may it continue. --P. H., Chicago

I can't live without Art Opportunities Monthly!!! --E. J., Valencia CA

I have gotten a lot our of your list. I encourage all of my art clients to subscribe. I also very much appreciate your reviewing the listings to lessen the chance of being ripped off. I look forward to another year. --D. D., Oakland CA

AOM is the most reliable source of its kind for me. --C. S., Austin TX

I just read my first edition of AOM and enjoyed the content and diversity of the offerings. Thank you for taking the time to compile this journal. --D. K., Amherst MA

 I recommend your publication to many of the artists I make photographs for. You are doing valuable and important work! --D. D., Oakland CA

I wanted to thank you for offering such a wonderful publication. It is my inspiration to apply and reapply to shows and competitions. I actually got accepted into two shows from your publication!!! --L. K., Richmond CA

Thanks for catching my double pay on the subscription and the subsequent refund. Your honesty is much appreciated. --S. B., via the Internet

I love your listings and tell people about it all the time.--G. S., Los Angeles

In addition to my own studio practice I teach, and have encourage my students to subscribe along with some other artists that I know. You do a great job. Thanks for all your hard work. --N. W., art professor, Napa CA

Is There any way I can quote a limited number of opps to groups I belong to examples of what your list contains? Perhaps 20 items? I would include full credit and how to join up and subscribe to the list in any sharing, as well as glowing recommendations to do so. --Charles Lewton-Brain/Brain Press, Canada

Your listings have been a great resource for recent graduates, so I'm always pointing them to your site; I'm happy to link it to mine.--H. F. , art professor, Charlotte NC

I find your newsletter a wonderful resource and it also inspires me every month. Thank you for all your hard work. --D. K., Amherst MA

Thank you for providing an excellent resource for visual artists. --G. W., Alexandria, VA

I like the editor's choices -- saves time and confusion. --R. S. A., Victoria, Canada.

I'm impressed with your lists - they're so much better than others I've tried. --X. N., Fremont CA

Love the newsletter. But its more than a newsletter, it's a community. --S. D., Boston MA

I'm very pleased that you chose that image in your virtual gallery . . . always looking forward to the next AOM. --G. S., Kettle Falls WA

I just wanted you to know that I love these lists! --L. G., via the Internet

I have used AOM regularly for the last five years and found it to be a great assistance for me at a specific stage of my career. --B. B., Fairfax CA

Thanks! I look forward to receiving the newsletter by email!--M. B., New York City

Keep up your good work for the artists and the art communities. It is important to continue to assist artists and artistic endeavors, especially in this kind of political climate. --E. S., Scottsdale AZ

I renewed this subscription today. By the way, I've subscribed to other similar services, which I eventually cancelled. Yours is by far the best out there. --Dusti Scovel, Wimberley TX

I subscribe to your AOM. I think very highly of you and want you to know that. --W. J. H., Lincoln MA

I think you are already very thorough, and beautifully organized!--L. R., Tucson AZ

From subscription to success in just three weeks - many thanks. Yesterday I received an acceptance to participate (with my intriguing little images!) in the NAP Small Works Invitational Salon, which I found on the first AOM monthly listing you provided --J. S., Colorado Springs CO

Thanks for such an excellent service. --B. S., Hungary


Great work you're doing, many thanks! --E. C. M., Berkeley CA


Thanks again for your quality service. --L. B., Iowa City IA


Thank you for your amazing service. --M. M., public art administrator, CA

I have found Art Opportunities Monthly to be extremely helpful. One of my pieces was accepted into a museum show juried by, among others, Audrey Flack. Neverwoodhave known about this otherwise. Kudos to you and your for a continuing and well done publication. --W. J. , Front Royal, VA

Great resource for artists who want to get their work out.--Trina Anderson, Oakland CA

Thanks Benny! I just look forward to seeing it each month! Can't wait until September! --Celeste Brignac., Starkville MS

I want to use this opportunity to say thank you for the service and the book. Thanks to these I was able to promote my husband's art - he got accepted to many interesting exhibitions which are definitely helping to develop his carreer.--A. M., Hicksville NY

Putting the payment in the mail today! Great work you're doing, many thanks! --E. M., Berkeley CA

I have been having some success using art opportunities newsletter--keep up the good work. --J. N. C., New York City

I can only say "WOW!" --A. W., via the Internet.

I truly do appreciate the work you do to collect and make so much information available at such a reasonable cost. I do think it is an excellent resource and have encouraged students to take out their own subscriptions. The check for a couple books is in the mail. I wish I could give a copy of it to every one of our graduates. --M. W., Student Services Coordinator, art school


Thanks for all the great work you do with AOM. --Mary Daniel Hobson,


I love what you do. Thank you for scanning so much information and making it so useable. --S. L. L., Thayer MO


Thanks so much and we love your publication! --L. G., via the Internet


 I have only been suscribing to your publication since march first, and have already recieved an artist residency at the Anderson Center. You are providing a great service to artists all over the globe. --R. M., Minnesota


I tell lots of people about your list. --Charles Lewton-Brain, Canada President, Canadian Crafts Federation


A great resource for artist opportunities. --Arts Council of Napa Valley.

Thank you for all your time and efforts. This is a really great service and I hand out your brochures to other artists who come into my gallery.--J. W., Washington DC

Thank you again for the motivation and encouragement. Your emails have kept me up to date about opportunities in the States. --C. G., Paris


Moonlight, by Art Opportunities Monthly subscriber
                Stephanie Peek
Stephanie Peek

Pamela Drury                  Wattenmaker
Lynette Cook

Lynn Basa


Terry Howell
Terry Howell Stanley

                Nuez, Art Opportunities Monthly subscriber
Xavier Nuez
NOW (Los Angeles, CA, 12:15am)

AOM is  fantastic. . . .When I first looked at it I had to rub my eyes from disbelief and from joy.

Art Opportunities Monthly subscriber
                        Marietta Leis
Marietta Leis

Harry Powers
Harry Powers
Sidereus Nuncias - Galileo's Starry Messenger

Art Opportunities                        Monthly subscriber Dave Writght
D. Michael Wright
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