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Note: Check each website for prospectus or application form or send SASE.
These opportunities have been selected from several hundred as most appropriate for serious fine artists, traditional or contemporary. We favor things that are free to the entrants, offer good rewards in relation to the fees, increase the exposure of those accepted, or are prestigious or special in some other way.

These are capsulized versions. When you see something that might be of interest, go to the prospectus (click the link beginning with http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX), send an email or #10 SASE for the prospectus or more information.

Art Opportunities Monthly Sample Copy

Section 1: General listings 

Because of its size, this sample is divided into four sections. See also: 2 3 4


Media: All. Deadline: 5

International. Juried show of works that in some way explore, feature, or are affected by Time. $10/1, no limit (CD/DVD or email). full color catalog. => Tempo, Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, Box 6218, Cincinnati OH 45206, USA. ; xxxxhttp://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119dj.

Media: All. Deadline: 5
Exhibition examining sustainability in arts: Resource conservation, Social justice or Economic equity, esp. work incorporating sustainable materials. $35/5 (CD), list, statement. Solo show. => Liz Murphy Thomas, Sustain, UIS Visual Arts Gallery, U of Illinois Springfield, One University Plaza MS VPA62, Springfield IL 62703-5407. 217-206-6506; <="">; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119ey.

Media: All. Deadline: 6
Show of work that perhaps has something to do w/ being an agent for change. No fee (CD, hardcopy or email). => Repressed IV, Gallery 5, 200 W Marshall St, Richmond VA 23220. 804 644 0005;; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119ce.

Media: PA DR SC PH VI IN CU NM. Deadline: 10
International. Juried show of representing ideas of beautiful. $35/3 (hardcopy on 8.5x 11'. Jury: Peter Frank, sr. cur., Riverside Art Mus. => Pamela Grau, Revisiting Beauty, OCCCA, 117 N Sycamore St, Santa Ana CA 92701, USA. 714-667-1517; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119dy.

Media: SC. Deadline: 10
International. Participate in self-governed, self-financed project that allows smooth white plaster elements (made and divided into 3 horizontal elements by different artists) to be combined. No fee, send by email: 4 pictures of the proposed plaster sculpture from different points of view, CV. => Gerald Sohn, Sculpture Permutations, Via Castagnola di Sopra 43, 54100 Massa (MS), ITALY. http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119en.

Media: All. Deadline: 12
Born in Arkansas or have been resident for at least 1 year. Juried show of family friendly work relating to awakenings. No fee/no limit (CD or email), $10 hanging fee for ea. accepted. => Patricia Collins, AWAKENINGS-A Themed Exhibition, The Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs, Box 6263, Hot Springs AR 71902. 501-624-0489; fax same;http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX112bu.

Guaranteed!Only publication in its field with an unconditional guarantee

Media: VI DI. Deadline: 15 |+|

International. Project original short video creations and cutting-edge interactive exhibits onto iconic white walls and rooftops of Florida beach town. No fee/no limit (email, URL), 1-sentence summary, short descrip., list of related images, videos and/or URLs. $10k. => Digital Graffiti, Alys Beach FL , USA. http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119bw.

Media: All. Deadline: 15 |+|
International. Show of works not exceeding 6' in any dimension and which utilize text and imagery representing amusing games of language, twists on words, or "perfect" bon mot. No fee/6 (actual work), appl. => Yvonne Montoya, Word Play, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, 608 New York Av, Sheboygan WI 53082-0489, USA. 920-458-6144; fax -4473; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119dc.

Media: All. Deadline: 15
International. Experimental qualities and approaches: group exhibitions, solo exhibitions and workshops as well as suggestions for projects in public space, by artists, curators. No fee, appl, project descrip, CVs, photographic documentation, etc (CD or PDF via email). Help w/ installation, etc. => Towards an eco-aesthetic 2011, The Aarhus Art Bldg, J.M. Moerks Gade 13, 8000 Aarhus C, DENMARK. + 45 86 20 60 50; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119aL.


Media Abbreviations: All All of the below 2D two dimensional 3D three dimensional AU Audio BA Book Arts CE Ceramics CO COllage CR CRafts CU CompUter DI DIgital DR DRawing FI FIlm FR FibeR FU FUrniture GL GLass GR Graphics IN INstallation JE JEwelry ME MEtal MM Mixed Media NM New Media PA Painting PE PErformance PH Photography PP PaPer and papermaking PR PRintmaking PS PaStel PU Public Art QU QUilt SC SCulpture TX TeXtiles VI VIdeo WC WaterColor WE WEb or Net art WM WaterMedia WO WOod. x before code = "except" (does not accept that medium or media)

Other Abbreviations: |+| Editor's Choice ~ Lower Value RFP Request For Proposal RFQ Request For Qualifications |C| Changed since last issue sl slide appl application digi digital CV curriculum vitae or resume k=thousand M=million BPS British Pounds Sterling EUR Euro.

Media: Scholarship. Deadline: 15
Support for scholars working toward PhD or at postdoc level to research topics in history of American art that relate to objects in museum's permanent collections. No fee, appl, cover letter, project descrip., résumé, transcript, 3 recs. $5k. => Samuel Duncan Library Director, Davidson Family Fellowship, Amon Carter Museum, 3501 Camp Bowie Bl, Fort Worth TX 76107. 817-738-1933; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119bf.

Media: All. Deadline: 15
4-wk. shows in college galleries. No fee/6 (sl or CD), brief exhibition concept statement, etc. => Richard Bird, Galaxy Series, Chadron State College, Dpt of Visual and Performing Art, 1000 Main St, Chadron NE 69337. 308-432-6326; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119br.

Media: All. Deadline: 15
International. Exhibition of work, traditional to experimental, exploring interests in, inspirations from games. No fee/ (email or if large, via => Game Play, Echotrope, U Of Nebraska, Omaha NE , USA. http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119bx.

Unlike others, we don't list the scams

Media: All. Deadline: 15
International. Show of work no bigger than 6' any direction. $15/5 (email), list, statement about ea. piece and/or work as whole, résumé. Jury: Paul Miller, Kyle Smith. => wee bitty things, Herron School of Art and Design, 735 W. New York St, Indianapolis IN 46202, USA. http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119cf.

Looking for your medium=>
To find all the photography calls in the PDF, use Adobe Reader's extended search (Shift+Control+F for PCs or Shift + Apple + F for Macs). Enter PH. Check Whole words only and Case-Sensitive and hit Enter. You'll get a clickable list of all the right entries. Click on any to go directly to its whole entry. You can then drag the ones you want into a word processing program to make your own custom AOM. Do the same thing for All and then for 2D (as each accepts photography, too).
Follow a similar procedure for whatever medium you are looking for. See list of abbreviations on p. 3 and elsewhere.
Works for grant, particular states, zip codes, museum, DVD, etc., too.

Media: All. Deadline: 15
International. Yearbook inclusion (1 p. w/ 2 photos, etc) and 2-mo. exhibit. $30/3 (CD/DVD, sl photos or prints), résumé, bio, $200 publication fee if accepted. Prizes & solo exhibit, yearbook, DVD. Jury: Gustavo Alfonso Coletti, poet, writer, former dir. Arte y Cultura. => Graciela Nardi, Yearbook 2010 - DVD and Exhibition, Latino Art Museum, 281 S Thomas St Ste 105, Pomona CA 91766, USA. 909-484-2618; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119cw.

Media: All. Deadline: 15
Solo exhibits for next season. $10/10-20 (sl or CD), résumé, statement. Publicity, reception. => Susanne French, Portfolio Submission, Merced College Art Gallery, 3600 M St, Merced CA 95348-2898. 209-384-6064; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119dk.

Media: VI FI. Deadline: 15
Screenings of work by artists, filmmakers, animators, doc.-makers in bimonthly Seasons, then archived on site. No fee, (URL if work on line, DVD by ground or email via service such as but not directly. => Outcasting Season 12, Michael Cousin, 116 Paget St, Grangetown Cardiff CF11 7LA, UK. http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX117cu.

Media: FI. Deadline: 15
International. Funding projects by and about indigenous and under-represented minority-culture filmmakers, esp. those "who bring their lives and communities to light through first-person storytelling." No fee/ 1-para synopsis, treatment, describe how grant will result in tangible completed work, budget, why have chosen specific cultural identifier, timeline, appl, etc. $1-10k. => All Roads Film Project Seed Grant, National Geographic, 1145 17th St NW, Washington DC 20036, USA. 202.857-7660; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119L.

Media: All. Deadline: 15
International. 2-day art fair (Sep 25 & 26) attended by 40k. $35/5 (including one of booth) via, $250 & up in booth fees if accepted. $10k, promotion. => Stacy Peterson, 48th Ann. Fine Art Fair, Peoria Art Guild, 203 Harrison, Peoria IL 61602, USA. 309-671-1093; fax -637-7334; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX108bf.

Media: PH. Deadline: 16

International. Juried exhibit, all PH media, styles, schools of thought, incl. experimental, mixed techniques, of images that "insightfully portray diversity of animal kingdom." $35/3. $10 ea. addl. (online). $700+, liveBooks Website Award, etc. Jury: Karen Irvine, cur., mgr. publications, Mus. of Contemp. Photography, Columbia College Chicago. => Animalia, The Center for Fine Art Photography, 400 N College Av, Ft Collins CO 80524, USA. 970-224-1010; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119h.

Media: 2D 3D. Deadline: 16 (N)
Exhibits in Winchester Cultural Center Gallery or Clark County Government Center Rotunda Gallery. No fee/15-20 (CD), exhibition proposal/statement, résumé, list. => Catherine Borg, Exhibition Proposals, Clark County, Winchester Cultural Center, 3130 S. McLeod Dr, Las Vegas NV 89121. http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119an.

Media: All produced via digital process. Deadline: 19
Juried show of work "created through digital processes that reflect innovative use of media, technical excellence and personal vision." $35/4 (CD/DVD), résumé, statement. $1.9k. Jury: Lisa Olson, artist, cur., media theorist. => Kristin Myers, National Juried Competition: Digital Works, Long Beach Island Fdn of Arts & Sciences, 120 Long Beach Blvd, Loveladies NJ 08008. 609-494-1241; fax -0662; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119cx.

Media: PH. Deadline: 19
Portfolio review Apr 23 & 24. $50/20 (online or CD/DVD) + $250 if accepted, appl, etc. Reviewers include Jigisha Bouverat, TBWA Chiat Day; Nan Oshin, Clark/Oshin Gallery; Susan Spiritus, gallerist, 18 others. => Fresh Look Portfolio Review, Month of Photography LA, 550 N. Larchmont Blvd Ste 100, LA CA 90004. http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119q.

Media: PH. Deadline: 19
International. Scholarship for Mary Virginia Swanson-led workshop Apr 14-17 on how to present one's work to galleries or museums, also for educators interested in teaching these skills. No fee/10, (CD), appl, 2 recs. $535 scholarship. => Charles Megnin, Scholarship Applications, The New Orleans Photography Workshops, 1927 Sophie Wright Pl, New Orleans LA 70130, USA. 877-316-0009; fax 504-522-8109; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119dv.

Media: PH. Deadline: 22
Juried show, B&W or color prints. $30/3, $5 ea. addl. (CD)statement, bio. $350+. Jury: Lesley A. Martin, pub., Aperture Foundation. => Photography 2010, Edward Hopper House Art Ctr., 82 N Broadway, Nyack NY 10960. 845-358-0774; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119cg.

Media: All. Deadline: 25
For artists born in Latin America and the Caribbean regardless of current residence. Exhibition of work helping to "explore, stimulate, and propose creative and artistic alternatives in teaching of natural sciences and mathematics." No fee/10 (CD or photos, or DVD for vid.), résumé, etc/, must send by courier not USPS. => Elba Agusti, Education Division/Cultural Center, IDB Cultural Center, 1300 New York Av NW, Washington DC 20577. 202-623-1239; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119k.

Media: All. Deadline: 26
Juried exhibit. $25/1, $5 ea add=> l. (cd, sl or actual work). Jury: Joseph Di Bella, distinguished prof. art, U of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA. => Conceal & Reveal, Fredericksburg Ctr for the Creative Arts, 813 Sophia St, Fredericksburg VA 22401. 540-373-5646; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119cb.

Media: 2D 3D. Deadline: 29
Exhibition of work w/ autos as subject matter or using car parts. $20/3 (CD/DVD, sl, photos or prints), appl. => Stan Gibbs, Art of the Automobile, Art Works Downtown, 1337 4th St, San Rafael CA 94901. 415-451-8119; fax -8237; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119ay.

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Media: CE DI DR FR FU GL JE MM PA SC WO CR. Deadline: 29 ~
3-day outdoor juried show and showcase/sale at Jazz Festival. $35/4 (incl, 1 of booth, CD), booth: $210 and up. $2.6k, VIP passes, free booth space, etc. => Misty Hinshaw, Art in the Heart Downtown, City of Jacksonville Off. of Special Events, 117 W Duval St Ste 280, Jacksonville FL 32202. 904-630-3690; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119da.

Media: 2D PU. Deadline: 30 #
RFQ for work on walls near new entry mezzanine, using materials such as: mosaic, glass, porcelain ceramic or stainless steel. No fee/15 (CD), list, résumé, statement, etc. $50-75k per station. => Arts for Transit, Re: 63rd Street Station, Metropolitan Transit Authority, 347 Madison Av 5th Fl, NY NY 10017. 212-878-7234; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119dp.

Media: All. Deadline: 1
Juried exhibit, work must be for sale. $35/3 (sl, printouts or CD). $2.5k. Jury: Kim Foster, gallerist. => 53rd Chauttauqua Annual, Visual Arts as Chauttauqua Inst., Box 1098, Chauttauqua NY 14722. 716-357.6217; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119bL.

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Media: Appropriate. Deadline: 2 |+|
International. Competition for projects (theme: "Architecture as a scene of crime" or notions such as crisis, absence, emptiness) to be presented in unused WWII bunker in Warslaw. No fee/appl (email) visualization using the photographic materials on site. free accommodation, partial reimbursement for materials. => SURVIVAL 8 : Architecture as a scene of crime, Art Transparent Fdn, Ofiar Os'wiecimskich St. 1/2, 50-069 Wroclaw, POLAND. http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119ev.

Media: CE. Deadline: 2 |+| #
International. Exhibition of any style work having ceramic as primary material. No fee/1 (online), description and conceptual rationale, appl. AUD$55k, exhibit, transportation, etc. => Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Art Award, Shepparton Art Gallery, Eastbank Centre, 70 Welsford St, Shepparton 3630, AUSTRALIA. 03 5832 9861; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119ff.

Media: SC etc. Deadline: 2
Exhibit of existing or proposed work outdoors on provided 40 x24x 24' pedestals. No fee/1 (CD), drawing or image of proposed piiece, etc. $250 ea. => Kim Domanski, Here, There, Anywhere, Baltimore Off. of Promotion & the Arts, 7 E Redwood St Ste 500, Baltimore MD 21202. 410-752-8632; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119av.

Media: SC PA WC DR PS PR PH MM CO CE GL JE FR etc. Deadline: 2 ~
3-day festival of fine art and limited craft. $30/3 (CD, sl or photos). Cash, ribbons, $500 Best of Medium for Sculpture (Experimental), postcards to personal patrons, etc. Jury: Jessica Plattner, artist, assoc. prof. art, Eastern Oregon U. => Carolyn P Gilbert, Festival of Arts, Wallowa Festifal of the Arts, Box 526, Joseph OR 97846. 541-432-7535; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119fa.

Media: PH etc. Deadline: 3
Juried exhibit work by students currently enrolled full-time in a college-level curriculum, esp. those who have potential to develop into cutting-edge, leading photographers of tomorrow. $60/5-15 (online) ($35 for members). Jury: Liz Spungen, exec. dir., Print Center, Philadelphia. => Tom Meiss, Emerging Visions 2010, Atlanta Photography Group, 75 Bennett St NW Space B-1, Atlanta GA 30309. 404-605-0605; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119d.

Media: PH. Deadline: 5 (late deadline)

International. Contest for images of faces, for amateurs and pros, 4 categories. $45/1, $60/series (6 images), $30/1 (students) no limit on any, must register online first. Grand prize winner in ea category recvs digital camera, PhotoServe Portfolio (Value: $860), more, all winners featured in PDN, online and some at Expo. => PDN Faces, Photo District News, 770 Broadway 7th Fl, NY NY 10003, USA. http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX109j.

Media: PH. Deadline: 5
Solo exhibits, all styles, techniques, and aesthetic approaches. No fee/20 (CD), résumé, statement etc. => Zach Nader, SRO Photo Gallery, Texas Tech U. School of Art, Box 42081, Lubbock TX 79409-2081. 806-742-1947; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119es.

The choice of professionals
Media: Mail Art. Deadline: 7 |+|

International. Send "one [or more] of your artistic cooking recipe as mail art." to be made into a "cookery-book". No fee, actual signed print, CV, etc., becomes property of museum. $3k, group exhibition, CD, catalog, all shown on Web, trip to Baia Mare. Jury: Pavel Susara, critic; Victor Florean, pres. Florean Mus.; Mircea Bochis, painter, sculptor, engraver. => Mircea Bochis, The Quick Kitchen, Muzeul Florean, P.O. BOX 1 Of. Postal Of. 9, 430510BaiaMare Maramures , ROMANIA. +40 262 29.96.96; fax same; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119u.

Media: FI VI. Deadline: 9
(regular deadline Mar 5). Showing narrative features and shorts, docs, animation and experimental. $35- $50/1(online or DVD-Region 1, 2 copies), synopsis, appl via Awards, plus prizes of cash, services or in-kind. => New Orleans Film Fest, Box 53041, New Orleans LA 70153-3041. 504-309-6633; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119du.

Media: All. Deadline: 9 ~
International. Solo, group, or organization shows in galleries for 2011 season. $45/8 ( to apply, additional charges if chosen. => Mary H, 2011, Dairy Center for the Arts, 2590 Walnut St, Boulder CO 80302, USA. 303-440-7826; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119ae.

Media: Curatorial. Deadline: 12 |+|
International. 5- or 6-wk. shows w/ at least 2 artists, esp. by curators or artists acting as curators. No fee/80 (max total [12 max per artist] sl or CD bu URL or VHS tape for time-based), 1-3 pg. statement of concept, appl, etc. $1k stipend, publicity, insurance, etc. => Ceci Mendez, Curatorial Opportunity Prg 2010-2011 (COP), New Art Ctr. in Newton, 61 Washington Pk, Newtonville MA 02460-1915, USA. 617-964-3424; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX95br.

Media: PH. Deadline: 12
International. 5 or 6 shows of photoseries, ea. w/own curator, own approach to theme "non-Western rural areas." No fee/series (DVD, CD, FTP or files sharing service, prints, publications or email to, description , CV, etc. Museum show, other venues. => Irene Kromhout, Photofestival 2010, Noorderlicht, Akerkhof 12, 9711 JB Groningen, NEDERLAND. +31 50 318-2227; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119dw.

Media: 2D. Deadline: 15
Juried show. $30/3, $5 ea. addl., max 6 (CD). Jury: Rackstraw Downes, painter. => 18th annual juried, Bowery Gallery, 530 W 25th St 4th Fl, NY NY 10001. 646-230-6655; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119bd.

Media: FI VI AV etc. Deadline: 15 #
No. or So. America. Commissions for works <20 min in genre of dance, esp. w/ sound/music, crafted by or in collaboration w/ choreographer, dancer, movement artist, filmmaker and/or collaborative team. No fee, register first online, to fill out form and upload documents, latter, if approved, submit work samples, etc. $7-$30k, access to studio, equipment, etc. => Hélène Lesterlin - Dance Curator, Dance Movies, EMPAC at Rensselaer, 110 8th St, Winslow Bldg 2nd Fl, Troy NY 12180-3590. 518-276-3921; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX95aw.

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Media: SC. Deadline: 15 #
18-mo exhibit of large scale, durable, secure exterior work. No fee/3 (CD), list, résumé, etc. $14.75k. => Derrick Sides, 5th Ann. Downtown Sculpture, The Randolph Arts Guild, Box 1033, Greensboro NC 27204. http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119eh.

Media: DR DI MM PA PH PR. Deadline: 15
Juried show addressing theme "Ability," to benefit RIC's art therapy programing. $25/3 (CD). $.3-$1k ea. Jury: James Rondeau, cur., mod. and contemp. art, Art Inst. of Chicago. => Eric Horner, ArtFutura 2010: Ability, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, 345 E Superior St, Chicago IL 60611-9929. 312 --238-1252; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119az.

Media: PA. Deadline: 15
International. Competition to join 1-wk "paint out of unspoiled landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes" of mostly rural county on Cal. coast midway between SF and LA, also exhibit. $35/3 (CD or email). $1k. Jury: Kevin Wallace, independent cur., consultant, writer. => Plein Air Festival, San Luis Obispo Art Center, Box 813, San Luis Obispo CA 93406, USA. 805-543-8562; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119eq.

Media: VI FI. Deadline: 15
Festival of shorts, works in progress, features, docs, animation, digital, etc. on theme of "Deep." $10/1, shorts $5/1 ($30/1, shorts $10/1 if later but by Jul 1, $$60/1, shorts, $24 if later but by Aug 1) (DVD), statement, etc. => 11th Film and Video Fest, Woodstock Museum, Box 73, Woodstock NY 12498-0073. 845-246-0600; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119fd.

Media: All. Deadline: 16
Juried show in 7 categories including miniature (25 sq. in max image) during arts festival. $12/1, max 3 or $12/4 for miniatures (online [preferred] or CD). $10k+. Jury: Tracey Fugam. dir. emer. education at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle; John Ringen, painter, teacher. => Juried Art Show, Edmonds Art Festival, Box 212, Edmonds WA 98020. 425-771-6412x5; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX108aq.

Media: PA WC MM FR FU GL JE PH CE PR DR SC WO. Deadline: 16
Outdoor festival in Sep in tranquil, picturesque lakeside park. $25/5 (sl, include. booth shot, via zapplication), booths $285-600. $3k+. Jury: previous award winner, artists, art educators, gallery owners, curators. => Meg Schimmels, Hidden Glen Arts Festival, 25775 W 103rd St, Olathe KS 66061. 913-961-ARTS; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX108bc.

Media: All. Deadline: 16
International. Solo, group, and/or themed shows for upcoming season. $15/10 (CD), appl, résumé, statement. => 2011-2012 Call to Artists., Maude Kerns Art Center, 1910 E 15th Av, Eugene OR 97403, USA. 541-345-1571; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119dn.

Media: PH. Deadline: 16

Juried show of work that illuminates range of human expressions and varieties, shows feelings, determination, vulnerability, jubilance and human experience. $45/3 (300dpi CD). $400, membership, exhibit. opps. Jury: Harvey Stein, photog., teacher, author, cur. => Allison Cruz, 30th Ann. Juried Photography Exhibit, Smithtown Twnshp. Arts Coun., 660 Rte 25A, St James NY 11780. 631-862-6575; fax -8730; http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX119dn.

$100,000 +Public art commissions Yours=>

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Now in its 8th year, 10x10x10xTieton is an international show with no media restrictions. Works cannot be larger than 10 inches in any direction. Works must be original and made within the previous three years. Learn more at    170616

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Strange Figurations - Deadline June 30. Call for entry - surreal, outsider and visionary art. Limner Gallery Exhibition

Nat'l Juried Art Show Mills Pond Gallery, NY. $1750 Awards. Exhibit 8/19-9/30/2017. Juror: Tim Newton, Entry Deadline 6/30/17.

MATERIAL MATTERS; Nat'l Juried Art Show. NY. Cash Awards; Exhibit 9/23-10/15/2017. Juror: Lilian Tone, Ass't. Curator, MoMA. Early Bird Deadline 6/12/17; Final 7/9/17. Details:

Portraits, Figures & Landscapes Exhibition. All styles and mediums eligible. Deadline: July 12, 2017. Western Bureau Arts Silicon Valley. Submit here:

Call to artists for 2018 exhibit Art or upscale crafts for sale in gallery Maturango Museum, Ridgecrest CA Solo or group; All mediums;           170831

Int'l Juried Art Show @ Las Laguna Gallery Open Theme Exhibition - $35/3 - All Medium. 577 S. Coast HWY Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Details:

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Your listings have been a great resource for recent graduates, so I'm always pointing them to your site; I'm happy to link it to mine. --H. F., art professor, Charlotte NC

I find your newsletter a wonderful resource and it also inspires me every month. Thank you for all your hard work. --D. K., Amherst MA

I'm impressed with your lists - they're so much better than others I've tried. --X. N., Fremont CA

Love the newsletter. But its more than a newsletter, it's a community. --S. D., Boston

You are doing valuable and important work! --D. D., Oakland CA

Always looking forward to the next AOM. --G. S., Kettle Falls WA

I just wanted you to know that I love these lists! --L. G., via the Internet

I have used AOM regularly for the last five years and found it to be a great assistance for me at a specific stage of my career. --B. B., Fairfax CA

Keep up your good work for the artists and the art communities. It is important to continue to assist artists and artistic endeavors, especially in this kind of political climate. --E. S., Scottsdale AZ

I've subscribed to other similar services, which I eventually cancelled. Yours is by far the best out there.--Dusti Scovel, Wimberley TX

I subscribe to your AOM. I think very highly of you and want you to know that. --W. J. H., Lincoln MA

I think you are already very thorough, and beautifully organized! --L. R., Tucson AZ

From subscription to success in just three weeks - many thanks. Yesterday I received an acceptance to participate (with my intriguing little images!) in the NAP Small Works Invitational Salon, which I found on the first AOM monthly listing you provided. --J. S., Colorado Springs CO

Thanks for such an excellent service. --B. S., Hungary

Great work you're doing, many thanks! --E. C. M., Berkeley CA

Thank you for your amazing service. --M. M., public art administrator, CA

I have found Art Opportunities Monthly to be extremely helpful. . . . Kudos to you for a continuing and well done publication. --W. J.' Front Royal, VA

Thank you for the service and the book. Thanks to these I was able to promote my husband's art - he got accepted to many interesting exhibitions which are definitely helping to develop his career. --A. M., Hicksville NY

I truly do appreciate the work you do to collect and make so much information available at such a reasonable cost. I do think it is an excellent resource and have encouraged students to take out their own subscriptions. --M. W., Student Services Coordinator, art school

I tell lots of people about your list. --Charles Lewton-Brain, Canada President, Canadian Crafts Federation

A great resource for artist opportunities. --Arts Council of Napa Valley.

This is a really great service. I give your brochures to other artists who come into my gallery. --J. W., Washington DC

Thank you again for the motivation and encouragement. Your emails have kept me up to date about opportunities in the States. --C. G., Paris, France

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