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The listings are in capsule form, arranged by deadline and media, so that you can tell at a glance if something might be suitable. The general structure of each entry is:

Media: (See Key) Deadline: (Date due)
Local restrictions, if any || Short description || Entry fee and/or number of slides being requested || Award-what is being offered || Jurors, if named || Contact name or title of show for prospectus || Address. Phone #; Fax; Email; Web address.

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Even though there are many places to find public art opportunities for free, I recommend AOM because they somehow manage to find obscure calls that I don--t see on the dozen other lists I receive.  hey also have tons of calls-for-submission to galleries.  They do a good job of screening out gallery scams.  Fortunately, public art hasn't been hit with those.  Yet.  --Lynn Basa, author of The Artist's Guide to Public Art: How to Find and Win Commissions (New York: Allworth Press, 2008)

I need to tell you that after five years  of  beating the bushes, applying wherever appropriate thanks to AOM leads, I'm now getting  some solo shows.  I send out my proposals for shows, and they are  starting to come back positive.  . . . I always read AOM, pick the few that are appropriate for me...and apply as I can.  Thanks for getting me going. --P. B., NV

Thank you for the wonderful resource you have provided artists. . . . I have been invited to do a solo at the Women's Made Gallery in Chicago as a result of following your leads.  I also appreciate your words of caution on the Florence Biennale which I decided to decline after reading your review and several others. . . . I really appreciate all the research that goes into your publication and credit it with pretty much all the group shows that I have been in.  --C. D. Chicago

I forget, do we get AOM in January? I've become so addicted to it that I start anticipating the beginning of every month! --S. F., AZ

I just renewed.  Love your publication. --K. S.

I wanted to share my good fortune with you. Upon receiving my first issue of AOM, I noticed that the deadline for the 32nd Annual Small Works Show at NYU, here in NYC, was fast approaching. I have been wanting to enter that show for years and always seemed to miss the deadline. This time I grabbed one framed piece and ran out the door. I got there with in an hour of the deadline. Not only did they accept my piece, but I just found out it sold!
     Couldn't have done it without you! --D. S. NYC

Thank you for your dedication in publishing this list and for your dedication to artists.  I just read your warning about bad deals and it is very true. I want to let you know that it was through AOM that my husband and sculptor John E. Stallings found, submitted and received the 2008 sole award from the George Sugarman Foundation in September. --C. S.

Wow, I am so impressed with Art Opportunities Monthly. I will definitely be adding you to my workshop presentation. Artists really need to know you are out there if they don't already. When I brought up your book (The Art Opportunities Book) and saw the cover image, I finally put 2+2 together. We have your book in our library. It is additionally an
excellent resource. --M. G.