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Dedicated Email Blasts

Email blasts are normally the most cost effective advertising choices, as they get your message directly to the computers of artists who may be interested -- your target audience.  They say exactly what you want them to say and look they way you want them to look, and they stand alone, with no other advertisements or announcements to distract from them.

We email the blast directly to nearly 8000 artists, all of whom have actively requested to be on the list, so you know they are interested. Your blast can be sent on the date of your choosing provided the date is available and not too close to any other mailing. The cost is only $225 for each blast.

These can be very effective, which is why we have repeat customers. For instance, Artists Wanted/ has sent at least 45 of them through us in the last year and a half. Other repeat advertisers include Celeste Prize and The Photo Review, Westmoreland Art Nationals, The Hunting Prize, New York Center for Photographic Art and others. Our eblasts have also been used effectively by the author of a New York Times Bestseller seeking artwork for her latest book. The photography tour that used it last summer reported: "The return was very positive since each person who joins the workshop brings a profit of [amount withheld] -- there are several others who are in the holding pattern for a later workshop."

What is actually mailed out is an HTML solicitation that you design. (We can help you with the technical parts if you need, no extra charge.) A few examples of eblasts are here.

The most effective blasts are usually those done as HTML emails that have one or more links to the same place -- making it easy for people to get right to the Web page with more info and a single link there to click to order.

In addition, we also post the blast as a Web page, also with links to your site or entry form. Then we tweet this URL and a short announcement and also send out a synopsis on our RSS feed, which is picked up by several services. This results in an additional 3-8000 viewings of your advertisement.

Contact us to reserve your date or to order. Thanks.

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